Matters of operation under "Home Learning

Matters of operation under "Home Learning

Matters of operation under "Home Learning".  Congratulations on the above subject, to say that with the joint efforts of all of you, a very beautiful work

In the video conference held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble SPD Shri Madam Shri, the innovative efforts made by you in this regard were discussed.  We have a list of children without survey-based devices.  If you have been guided earlier for their home learning, please do your best to ensure that no child without a device is deprived of home learning as well as report the work done to this office.  

Adequate publicity of each of the Home Learning programs is requested.  Secretary State Project Office Samagra Shiksha, Gandhinagar, DADDoordarshan Home Learning Home Learning Planning doex Innovative efforts being made by different districts  In Bhavan, Jnatini Wadi, Community Hall, etc., TV is made available by the donor and programs are shown following the guideline of Covid 19 In some districts, village leaders / youths arrange such programs at each other's homes and show the programs to the needy children. Anand TV is providing old TVs to the parents who need TV at a nominal cost through repairs as well as by organizations / donors through shops.  

Similar arrangements are being made by donors in other districts as well.  Which is very commendable.  Commendable work is also being done to provide old mobile tablets to children for Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) online classes.  The idea that the old TV tablet / mobile bank can be set up at the taluka level and given to the needy students for home learning is exemplary.



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